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Event Tents

The right solution for every occasion

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The success of a marquee rental company is down to great event tent systems; high quality, simple to build, regulation compliant, easy to maintain and adaptable for future expansion and diversity.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality event tent solutions and a highly experienced rental company, Losberger know what customers need; practical, reliable and attractive systems that are interchangeable. Buy event tents from Losberger that allow you to easily manage stock, expand your product range and offer variety, just  by adding a minimal amount of additional parts. 

Losberger event tents offer an exceptional variety of sizes, shapes and configurations; from 3m to 60m clear span, single and two-storey.  Our event tents can be used on a temporary or semi-permanent basis, ideal for creating extra event space or extensions at existing venues. Satisfy demand during your busy periods and increase revenue with a temporary structure that compliments your existing venue.