Wall elements

Variety and class

  • horizontal wall elements
  • large tent glas facade
  • Accessoires large Tents horzontal glass elements
  • Accessoires Large Tents Wall
  • Accessoires Large Tents Wall
Create the right first impression; choose from our extensive range of high quality event tent cladding, walls, windows and curtains.


System cassette wall elements made of hard-PVC

Event tent cladding; solid walls are the ideal solution when used in conjunction with our cassette floor system. A great alternative to PVC curtain walls, ideal for long term events, high profile events or when extra protection is needed from the elements. Each wall panel fits neatly into our cassette floor system, no gaps, no trip hazards, just great comfort and a professional finish.


Glass elements

Event tent glass windows; our high quality horizontal and vertical glass wall panels create a high class look and allow guests to take advantage exterior views and natural light.


Textile side curtains

Event Tent Walls; our textile side curtains are made from high quality robust PVC, resistant to dirt and available with window details, in several attractive designs.