Large Event Tents

Quality engineering

  • Jag 761x501

Losberger large event tents offer great variety in size, shape and configurations – single or two storey, in any length required in 5m increments.

Losberger large event tent systems have been designed with busy rental firms in mind. We know the importance of simple, easy to assemble systems that enable smooth logistics and quick installation. Our consistent, well-engineered frames are all interchangeable, expandable and adaptable. Losberger systems ensure a long-term return on investment.


Our large event tents can be used on a temporary or semi-permanent basis, ideal for creating extra event space or extensions at existing venues; ask us about our turnkey solutions.

With side heights from 3.4 to 5.4 metres and spans from 8 to 60 metres, there are virtually limitless possibilities. Our large marquees and tents cater for a diverse range of uses, from festival through to corporate hospitality, trade fairs and exhibitions to press centres, concert arenas and entire sports complexes. 
A comprehensive range of equipment is available for our large event tent systems, including PVC curtain walls, cassette floor, window elements, system cassette walls as well as solid doors.

Losberger large event tents are available with a variety of roof shapes, including annex canopies. Further variants include transparent roofs/gable covers, set back gables, etc.


On the following pages you will find details on our large tent systems.