maxiflex Emporium

Double decker event tents, twice as impressive!

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  • maxiflex Emporium
  • maxiflex Emporium

maxiflex Emporium is a double height event tent solution with a variety of options for galleries, annexes, balconies, platforms and stairs. The emporium element can be freely installed as a second level in most of our large temporary structure ranges. It can be used as a complete upper mezzanine level, as a balcony or even as a stand-alone gallery. maxiflex Emporium is the ideal double decker event tent for major sporting events, giving you optimal views at comfortable heights. A wide variety of floor plans and roof shapes are available to suit any large scale event.


In addition, many system parts from the maxiflex large event tent system can be used, including system cassette floor, cassette wall and glass elements. 


Model variants for flexibility and variety

Discover the different models and variants of the maxiflex Emporium and find the right solution for your needs. Or begin to design your space straight away with our Space Planner Tool.

Download: Brochure Emporium Arcum


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