Garden Evolution

For treasurable events

Spruce up traditional party tents with one of our new unique shapes - Diamond, Topaz or Sapphire.


Three new and totally original shaped marquees to enhance your existing rental stock or transform your classic Garden Cottage range. Perfect for busy marquee rental firms and event venues,  the Diamond, Topaz and Sapphire marquees have be named after precious stones as their shapes resemble the cut of a jewel.

Ask us about the ‘Evolution Kit’ with a few additional parts you can transform your existing Garden cottage stock into the new Evolution shapes. Currently available for the classic 3m, 4m & 5m Garden Cottages.


These shaped marquees are ideal to fit into small event spaces, such as gardens, terraces or courtyards. Use them as stand-alone marquees or link them together to create a variety of shapes. For larger events use them as an entrance, VIP lounge or bar area.

Download: Garden Evolution


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