The perfect tent for weddings and intimate private events

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Multiform party marquees; a product from the Losberger France  range, are available in widths of 2m to 12m on either a 2.3m or 2.5m leg in 3m bays with a selection of bracing styles. These cleverly designed party marquees use a push button system that does away with large amounts of bolts and pins, this reduces the loss of small parts that can become loose in transit and improves efficiency in terms of picking and packing; the push button system also helps to reduce erection and dismantle time. The Roof bar/cam tensioning system creates perfectly tensioned roofs with the simple turn of a handle. Ground rails run through a sleeve at the bottom of each wall to tension and hold neatly in place.


All multiform party marquees can be complemented with a selection of optional extras and roof designs.

Download: Multiform 2-3-4-5m and Multiform 6-7-8mand Multiform 9-10mand Multiform 12m


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