• Exhibition hall Würth
  • Industry tent Type LS
  • Warehouse tents two-span Type LS
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Industrial Buildings and Temporary Warehouses

Optimal space solutions

  • Production halls two-span
  • Fast assembly hall Type Transfer
  • Presentation hall two-storey with warehouse
  • Production hall with office Type KI
  • Industry tents Type LS
Industrial Buildings and Temporary Warehouses Industry tents Type LS

Nowadays companies must be able to react quickly to local and global changes in the market. Meet variations in supply and demand, expand your facilities, re-locate or adapt your premises easily with Losberger modular industrial buildings and temporary warehouse.

Bottlenecks in production or storage issues cost time and money, Losberger can offer you the right industrial building to make growth possible at the speed required to meet demand. With creative ideas, intelligent products and flexible financing alternatives, we can provide you with the right product and if need be a turnkey solution.  
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