Type KS

Flexibility through modular industrial steel building systems

  • Production halls two-span Type KS
  • Logistics center with canopy
  • Warehouses two-span Type KS
  • Warehouse Triuso
Logistics center with canopy Warehouses two-span Type KS

The KS modular industrial steel building is both flexible and diverse, offering solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. These buildings can be fully operational within a very short time with the advantage of extensions or reductions in size as and when required thanks to its modular grid system.  
The KS industrial steel building is available with or without thermal insulation.
Choose the perfect ancillaries for your individual needs from doors, sliding gates, skylights or windows, through to crane tracks and heat insulation. You can rent, buy or lease your individually designed industrial steel building. 
Examples of its uses e.g. as a commercial building, storage building production hall. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.