Expandable, Multi-Purpose, Prefabricated Steel Buildings

  • Assembly hall Typ Uniplus
  • Combinated unit Uniplus hall with office annex
  • Workshop Type Uniplus
  • Warehouse Type Uniplus
  • Roofing Uniplus hall
Warehouse Type Uniplus Assembly hall Typ Uniplus

Just like all the steel buildings in the Losberger range, UNIPLUS models are delivered to the site almost entirely prefabricated. The exterior and the equipment used depend entirely on the buildings purpose; production facilities and warehouses can be equipped with large glazed areas for optimal natural light. Colourful facades are ideal for showrooms and car dealerships where customer interaction is expected. We can expand your prefabricated steel building with ease and thanks to its modular component system there will be minimal disruption to your exiting work space.


UNIPLUS offers clear span widths of up to 25m and eaves heights of up to 10m. Why not opt for a modern architectural look with the UNIPLUS mono-pitch roof. UNIPLUS Prefabricated steel buildings are available in various designs at economical prices.