Type Alu

Quick, economical, flexible industrial tents

  • Warehouses three-span Type Alu
  • Warehouse Type Alu
  • Industry tent Type Alu
  • Industry tents two-span Type Alu
  • Warehouse tent Type Alu
Warehouse Type Alu Industry tents two-span Type Alu

Losberger Alu industrial tents are constructed from an aluminium frame making them easy to handle and quick to install with minimal labour costs, allowing us to solve your space requirements quickly and inexpensively. They are particularly suitable during re-fits, renovations or extensions giving you a suitable temporary space whilst work is carried out. Losberger industrial tents are also ideal in emergency situations, for example when existing premises have been subjected to vandalism, fire or water damage.  
Industrial tents can be installed in a flash; in most cases foundations are not required. The high quality, heavy duty fabric roofs and gable covers along with the trapezoidal steel sheet walls enclose the building in record time, ensuring the protection of any stored goods.

Due to their modular construction, our industrial & warehouse tents can be extended or reduced in size as a when required with considerable ease. Re-locations are also fast and simple to implement. Losberger industrial tents can be purchased or hired.