Quality & Safety

Unprecedented commitment to quality and safety.


Quality and safety go hand in hand, rest assured with Losberger we offer the latest in terms of technology, we are the most stringent in terms of manufacturing and the greatest in terms of design and safety, giving you the optimum solution for your needs.


We place exceptionally rigorous demands on ourselves, our suppliers and our service partners. Losberger service partners undergo a comprehensive selection process in order to work with us, those who make it are amongst the best. To guarantee quality and safety we demand a high degree of care and professional competence, combined with high levels of commitment. This is what you can expect from us.


Rely on us:


  • for materials,
  • for product development
  • for manufacture
  • in consultation,
  • in logistics,
  • in construction site processing,
  • in project organisation,
  • to select the optimum service partner



In order to fulfil these claims, our employees and service partners are always right up to date in terms of qualifications in their specialist field. As verification, we hold a series of certifications, but also references made by satisfied customers.


For example, we are:


  • DIN ISO certified
  • Certified service partners of FAMAB (Association for Direct Business Communication)
  • Awarded for efficient utilisation of natural resources
  • Certified member of "My green Meeting"
  • Holders of the full welding specialist approval for steel and aluminium.


During the production of our tents and halls, we observe the stringent German regulations without fuss or quibble, and thus guarantee a high level of safety worldwide.