Tents as temporary support facilities for hospitals

Rapidly deployable quarantine tents, triage tents, wards and morgues


Losberger De Boer offers you a wide range of emergency facilities for hospitals, that are immediately available, take only hours to deploy and build, regardless of your location. As one of the largest global suppliers of rapidly deployable emergency structures, Losberger De Boer is ready to support the healthcare industry after the Coronavirus outbreak.


Coronavirus outbreak – temporary facilities for hospitals

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, hospitals struggle to keep pace with the rapid spread of the virus. Losberger De Boer offers hospitals a way to quickly expand their capacity.

Within a few hours of the initial contact, we can start building medical facilities such as: 

  • A temporary triage centre
  • Quarantine tents
  • Hospital wards

All of these solutions can be equipped with additional facilities such as electricity and climate control.


A reliable partner to governments, medical authorities and NGO’s

Losberger De Boer has a great deal of experience in providing hospitals, national and local governments, the United Nations and various NGOs, such as the Red Cross, with temporary medical facilities. 

A pandemic such as the current Coronavirus outbreak is one of the most demanding and challenging situations imaginable for hospitals and local governments. Losberger De Boer can help to expand the capacity of healthcare institutions quickly and accurately, to give them the means to continue to do their job as well as possible.


In need of additional medical facilities? We can be on site within hours

Whenever human lives are at stake, speed is of the utmost importance. Our specialists in temporary emergency facilities for hospitals can be on site within hours. All our facilities are rapidly deployable and can then be set up in a very short time, allowing you to have a fully functioning quarantine tent, triage centre, infirmary or morgue at your disposal on the shortest possible term.


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