Temporary Constructions,
Sustainable Thinking


It’s not just an obligation but an honour to run our business activities in an environmentally considerate manner, we are always mindful of the impact on local and global resources. We consider this as an essential part of any responsible manufacturer’s ethos.


Our temporary, recyclable space solutions, used for multiple applications, provide unbeatable environmental advantages. Depending on the building, dismantling our temporary structures revert the local environment back to its original state. Complex demolition or ground work measures are generally not required; therefore soil sealing is completely avoided.


A perfect example of this was during the Olympic Games in China, around 120,000 square metres of temporary event tents were supplied by Losberger for many different applications. Once the games were over the Losberger equipment had no long term local impact on land or soil sealing, all temporary structures were dismantled after the Games, making the sites re-usable. Avoiding the need for permanent buildings reduces the problems posed in terms of their use after an event has finished.


Temporary building solutions are proven to be expedient, flexible solutions that have little or no negative effect on the environment.