• Losberger maxiflex built up every year at the Canstatter Wasen in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Losberger Pagodas and multiflex tents combined build up a great scenery.
  • Losberger maxiflex three-slide hall built up for a big fair.
  • Losberger maxiflex Emporium with a balcony built up as a VIP tent at a soccer match.
  • Losberger maxiflex with an Arcum roof, a small Pagoda and a walkway. Held at the Losberger InterTent in Bad Rappenau, Germany.
  • Losberger maxiflex with curtains as side cover at a golf tournament.
  • Losberger Palas built up for a product presentation in Bad Rappenau.
  • Losberger maxiflex Emporium Arcum, Losberger Rondo and other Losberger tents built up at the InterTent in Bad Rappenau, Germany.

Space solutions for every temporary facilities application

  • Tent scenery by Losberger with Pagodas, multifelx and other models.
  • Losberger multiflex with domers and Apsis at a motor show.
  • Losberger multiflex with Apsis.

losberger event tent

Pagoda small event tent by Losberger

At Losberger you will find the right space solution for every temporary or semi-permanent facilities need, special event or occasion. We produce creative and functional space for hotels & catering, sports events, trade fairs, exhibitions, private and public celebrations. Our temporary structure and tent solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs and the specific requirements of the project or event.