Country Clubs and Resorts

Creative space concepts for catering, food and beverage operations hotels, clubs and resorts

  • Losberger maxiflex for a country club.
  • Losberger multiflex tents at a golf tournament.
  • Losberger multiflex with a dormer as an exhibition hall.
  • Losberger multiflex for the garden of a resort.
  • Losberger multiflex P7 with domers and apsis built up for a big golf tournament.
  • Losberger multiflex Arcum next to the pool of a hotel.
  • Losberger multiflex Arcum at a beach cub.

Are you short of revenue-producing space at your hospitality business? Need more attractive and desirable capacity for those profitable group gatherings and special events but don’t have the covered floor space or physical plant to accommodate larger events at your location?


Planning a new building annex, temporary or permanent? Looking to add more attractive room that would provide special ambience for unforgettable events that will sell itself to future group business? The mobile space concepts and clear span tent solutions from Losberger are numerous and we know we have the ability to fulfil all your catering and hospitality requirements using Losberger clear span tents and pavilions. We create space for receptions, gala evenings, weddings, catering and large or not-so-large sporting events to name a few places where Losberger tents are successfully generating revenues over and over again.