National RDS Rental Dealer Program

Losberger US establishes a nationwide RDS Rental Dealer Program to better service disaster situations throughout the US

  • Installation of Losberger TAG inflatable shelters.
  • Losberger TAG inflatable shelters used as a team bedroom.
  • Detailed roof of a Losberger RHN inflatable shelter.
  • Losberger TTM inflatable shelters during the installation.
  • Losberger TTM large span inflatable shelter in grey.

With response time and available inventory critical in time of any major disaster, Losberger identified the need to be able to provide and distribute shelters throughout the 10 FEMA regions nationally. With its growing list of RDS Rental Dealer partners and a large sustained inventory of inflatable shelters and aluminum structures, we are positioned to provide our equipment and expertise in the most efficient and desirable way possible.

Losberger signs several new agreements in 2013 to expand its national coverage

With the recent addition of 3 new partners (Traube Tent, FEMA Regions V,VII, Celebrations, FEMA Region IX, & Deployed Resources, FEMA Regions I,II) Losberger continues towards its commitment to provide the quickest and most efficient solution to disaster relief and response throughout the US.


Associated product

Heavy-duty TAG inflatable shelters

Lightweight-duty RHN inflatable shelters

Large-span TMM inflatable shelters