Surge capacity

Rapid response shelter systems to expand Surge capabilities

  • Assembly of a Losberger inflatable shelter.
  • Losberger inflatable shelters connected to a big temporary hospital.
  • Losberger RHN shelter in white, built up at a fair.
  • Losberger RHN shelters in white, built up in Washington D.C..
  • Detailed picture of the TMM roof.
  • Losberger TTM large span inflatable shelter in grey.

With Losberger’s multiple line of inflatable shelter systems, meeting the Surge needs of civilian, governmental, and health care systems is always a priority. Whether it’s a first responder base camp, large temporary relocation facilities, or a complete temporary mobile hospital installation, our surge capabilities are always readily available.

Heavy-duty TAG series inflatables for first responders

When Hurricane Sandy came barreling down on the Northeastern US, emergency responders relied on Losberger shelters for protection from the severe weather. The ability to be delivered and fully operational within hours from the storms onset was a welcomed response to a very difficult event. 


Associated product

  • Heavy-duty TAG inflatable shelters
  • Lightweight-duty RHN inflatable shelters
  • Large-span TMM inflatable shelters
  • Aluminum structures