Temporary housing

Rugged, safe, and secure facilities as needed

  • Four identical Losberger temporary warehouses as accommodation.
  • Losberger Tension Fabric Structure used for housing.
  • Losberger TTM large span with a door projection.
  • Backside of Losberger Tension Fabric Structures with connection for a conditions and similar.
  • Losberger Tension Fabric Structure used as sleeping room for people without home due to an ecological disaster or war.
  • Losberger RHN shelter in white, built up in Frederick for a presentation.
  • Connection between two Losberger inflatable shelters.
  • Losberger inflatable shelters connected and used for temporary housing.

Whether it be any of the Losberger rapid deployable systems, the heavy-duty TAG, lightweight RHN, larger TMM, or any size aluminum structure, these shelters are going to provide comfortable and secure housing options for any type of disaster relief situation.

Sleeping quarters and emergency headquarters

When Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast area in 2005 with devastating destruction, Losberger inflatable shelters and aluminum structures were deployed throughout the area to provide housing base camps for emergency responders, power company employees, and relocation camps for displaced residents.


Associated product

  • Heavy-duty TAG inflatable shelters
  • Lightweight-duty RHN inflatable shelters
  • Large-span TMM inflatable shelters
  • Aluminum structures