Command posts

  • Losberger Metal Frame Structures as hangars for helicopters.
  • Losberger inflatable shelter with small offices.
  • Losberger RDS inflatable shelter in green for the army.
  • Four identical Losberger temporary warehouses as accommodation.

Losberger’s wide arrangement of available rapid response shelters provide for the optimal solution for temporary command posts and centers. Whether the need requires a quick lightweight inflatable shelter (RHN, TAG, or TMM) or a much more robust, sturdy solution (AMD or P-series Modular Shelter) our military grade shelter systems are the right choice.

NATO forces deploys Losberger small frame & inflatable shelter command posts

Losberger has long been a partner and frequent supplier of shelters, command posts as well as other needs, to NATO over in the European and Mideast theatre. With our product range and worldwide commitment to sales and service, Losberger stands behind every product with continued support and follow up.


Associated product

Heavy-duty TAG inflatable shelters

Lightweight-duty RHN inflatable shelters

Large-span TMM inflatable shelters

Aluminum structures