Field Hospitals

Turnkey field hospitals

  • Losberger RDS inflatable shelters used as emergency tens for the army in grey.
  • Losberger inflatable shelters connected and equipped with beds.
  • Losberger inflatable shelter used as a hospital with showers.

Over the past 2 decades, Losberger provided numerous field hospitals throughout the world. Most of them have been deployed during the most recent international conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, in countries like Afghanistan, Sudan/South Sudan, Ivory Coast, or Mali.


Our experience in those remote countries taught us, that armed forces or local authorities require a single point of contact with the capability to provide turnkey solutions, including fully equipped field hospitals. Losberger with its medical partners is able to supply complete field hospitals in less than a week. Our permanent stockpile of shelters and aluminum structures, combined with the necessary medical equipment, ensures our readiness in case of any emergency situation.

Mobile and deployable hospital solutions

Losberger field hospitals offer the same level of equipment and service that a traditional hospital would provide. Regarding the type of shelter used, the field hospital can be deployed for short, medium, or long term periods. They are fully configurable and meet the medical standards for hygiene and operations.


Associated product

Heavy-duty TAG inflatable shelters

Lightweight-duty RHN inflatable shelters

Large-span TMM inflatable shelters

Aluminum structures


Losberger Field Hospital

Losberger rapid-deployment tents can be used in army units as a temporary house for patients in need for medical attention and/or surgical procedures. Field hospitals can be provided fully equipped with medical equipment required for a medical facility in a timely manner to support army personnel. Losberger offer free consulting for its military customers to make sure this temporary tent solution fit their needs by all means.