Humidity Controlled Storage

Maintaining the operational readiness rate of sensitive equipment

  • Losberger Modular Shelter with an open front in light orange.
  • Losberger Modular Shelters built up in a region with lots of snow.
  • Losberger HCE with a door in the short side of it.
  • Losberger HCE with windows for housing.
  • Two Losberger RDS inflatable shelters built up as hangars.

Since 1969 and the Israeli Embargo, when the French MoD requested industrial assistance to protect 30 brand new Dassault Mirage V jet fighters that had been grounded from the effects of corrosion, Losberger (at that time with the Bachmann name) has unanimously been recognized for the effectiveness and the reliability of its Humidity Controlled Enclosures.


Today, the Losberger HCE solutions are considered a vital and genuine tool for fleet management, allowing saving tens of millions of dollars. Losberger unique experience with Humidity Controlled Enclosures (HCE) has many times demonstrated that sensitive equipment can efficiently be protected from corrosion effects.

P-Series as humidity controlled shelters

The P-Series modular shelters have primarily been designed to be used as humidity controlled enclosures. Their weather tight seal allows for reduced power consumption to extract the moisture present in the air. A 1 kWh dehumidifying unit, running 3 to 5 hours per day, is indeed sufficient to keep the humidity rate under 45% during a 24 hour period.


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