Maintenance workshops

Safe and secured environments to operate maintenance tasks

  • Losberger dome shelters as protection against sand.
  • Losberger dome shelters for cars.
  • Losberger large span aircraft hangar inside view.
  • Losberger large span aircraft hangar green colored.
  • Losberger AMD circle version in green half opened.
  • Two Losberger RDS inflatable shelters built up as hangars.

The Losberger RDS shelters can be easily configured as maintenance workshops by adding different features such as: overhead cranes, storage bins, exhaust gas extractors, ventilation kits, or fire suppression systems. Above all, the ultimate goal is to supply turnkey solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

Case study: P-Series modular shelters for UAS

Because UAS are the next generation of weapon systems, Losberger especially designed a P-16 modular shelter for the humidity controlled storage and the maintenance of HALE/MALE or tactical UAS.


Associated product

P-Series modular shelters

AMD Ultra-fast deployable shelters

Large-span aircraft hangars

Dome shelters

Aluminum structures