• Losberger hall built up for Geocell in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for Grüneissl in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for Paulick in Germany
  • Losberger two-slides hall used by Quehenberger for industrial storage.

Semi-Permanent Structure

Tailor-Made Semi-Permanent Building Solutions for Every Area of Application

  • Losberger hall built up for Martin Maier in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for LStelcom in Germany
  • Inside view of a Losberger industrial storage hall.
  • Losberger hall built up for Triuso in Germany
  • Losberger hall used as a production site.

Losberger 2-slide hall used as industrial warehouse.

Losberger 4-slide hall used as industrial warehouse.

More often than ever before, companies and organizations need to react to short-term changes in market situations, customer needs and special supplier offerings. By deploying a Losberger industrial hall or temporary storage building, you may remain independent in planning for the future volatilities in the marketplace by purchasing, leasing or renting a Losberger temporary building. Avoid encumbering bank credit lines and internal financial resources by using our portable temporary structures.  We have a custom fit solution for your consideration with our portable commercial buildings and temporary warehouses. From initial concept development to handing over the keys of your , a Losberger specialist will work with you to assure the solution provided is the best one for your warehousing or storage building needs. Straddle temporary space shortages to accommodate growth when other normal building space is just not available or desirable. 


All Losberger commercial and industrial halls and semi-permanent structures are designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting German standards. Our temporary structures are deployed in all parts of the world and used for hundreds of different applications where temporary space solutions are called for. Need a temporary snow loaded structure because of your location? Give us a call! We may have just the solution for you to move ahead with your facilities expansion project quickly. Our pre-engineered semi-permanent structure could become your next Home Run as a capital acquisition for increased useable space. 


Losberger industrial and storage tents are particularly economical and are available just-in-time to open up space bottlenecks quickly. That allows the ROI clock to start ticking much sooner than using traditional building solutions.


The Losberger system for industrial building construction consists of a framework made of steel or aluminum that can be erected and dismantled particularly quickly. We can turn space shortage nightmares into working space successes by providing a semi-permanent or permanent warehouse in unbelievably short turn-around time. The translucent roof cover made of heavy duty fabrics offers pleasant daylight inside without additional lighting which makes the building GREEN. It can be relocated, removed or re-purposed easily. No landfills will become further choked up with the detritus from your demolished building after it is no longer useful. All materials in a Losberger temporary industrial building are recyclable. Our temporary structures and semi-permanent warehouse structures are manufactured from aluminum, steel and fabric membranes that are all recyclable. Side walls made of single shell trapezoidal sheet steel or sandwich panel insulated building cladding panels are economical to buy and they offer maximum security, just like any bricks and mortar building would.


Choose the right financing for your individual industrial hall or storage tent: Buy, lease or rent. Our rental services are provided through a wide network of active dealers which offers you numerous advantages:


  • Professional turnkey building solutions for ready-to-use warehousing and storage in a hurry
  • Conservation of capital for other future needs
  • No burden on your liquidity
  • Write off rental costs vs. amortizing capital expenditures for new temporary work space or temporary warehousing.
  • Rent duration exactly in accordance with your needs
  • No maintenance costs and we will build to suit.
  • Relocatable warehouse buildings and industrial halls can be re-purposed quickly or returned if they become redundant to your business after the surge.