Expanding terminal capacities

  • Losberger airport boarding area.
  • Losberger airport outside view.
  • Losberger airport entrance hall.
  • Losberger airport baggage reclaim.
  • Losberger temporary airport in Lisbon.

Airports all over the world are utilising temporary or semi-permanent structures and industrial buildings from Losberger. We can create that much needed, cost effective and fast additional space to meet seasonal and event demand, expansions or refurbishments.


In addition, we have comprehensive solutions for entire temporary airport terminals, solving insufficient capacity issues during increased demand or short term spikes in passenger travel. Losberger are experts in extensions at existing airports, e.g. with our FlexiTerminal, adhering to an agreed specification within a fixed time frame, providing complete operational airport facilities, including VIP lounges, storage, security gate structures to catering or merchandising space.

Download our Airport-Capacity-Solutions brochure: Airport-Capacity-Solutions