• Losberger hall built up for Geocell in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for Grüneissl in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for Paulick in Germany
  • Losberger two-slides hall used by Quehenberger for industrial storage.

Sports Halls

Schools, Municipalities, Clubs and Resorts: Bring the Best Game to Your Customers….Beautifully and Quickly!!

  • Losberger hall used as a sports hall for karate.
  • Losberger hall used as a sports hall for soccer.
  • Inside view of a Losberger hall used as a gym.
  • Losberger hall used as a gym.
  • Losberger hall used as a sports hall for karate groups.

With the rising cost of metal or bricks and mortar buildings there has been an increased call for new solutions to the issues of covering various venues and settings. Losberger structures have been used worldwide to provide protection against the elements via swimming pool covers, tennis court enclosures, basketball court covers, temporary gymnasiums, golf cart barns, and ski lodges at resorts.


With clear span tent widths spanning up to 60m (200’), side heights ranging from 8’ to 25’ and modular construction we are able to work with a variety of different needs, whether controlled by your budget or your creativity Losberger will help you find the perfect sports hall solution. 


Winter should never stop your play or practice time, athletic training, or year ‘round activities. With a Losberger sport hall structure foul weather won’t spoil or interrupt the activities. Losberger works with a variety of different companies as sub-suppliers to ensure we deliver the best possible all around sports hall and venue solution. Whether it’s enclosing and heating a swimming pool for the winter, covering a basketball or volleyball court, or enclosing an entire tennis facility, we bring decades of hands-on experience to rise to any sports hall challenge.



Tennis Court Enclosures:


The Losberger Polygonal structure was originally designed and developed in France, where they take tennis as seriously as any country in the world. The Polygonal tent provides ceiling heights over the tennis courts in the facility that exceed the minimum requirements mandated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the French Professional Tennis Association. Whether by using impact resistant glass siding to allow in the daylight thereby reducing the need for interior lighting throughout the day, or by using solid white vinyl side walls Losberger can help find the best solution for your outdoor tennis court enclosure.


The Losberger P10 structure is an A-Frame style structure that provides any clear span width of up to 200’ with side heights that can extend up to 25’. Large anodized aluminum framing members provide incredible resistance against wind and winter precipitation weather events to assure safe and comfortable protection for athletes to practice all year around under cover. Translucent roof membranes allow excellent daytime lighting without the need to turn on the lights



Swimming Pool Enclosures:


Swimming pools whether they are for swimming teams, clubs, or municipalities are hampered by the weather; hot, cold, rain, or snow, enclosing your swimming pool ensures year round use. Extending the usable hours of your swimming pool offers the chance to increase yearly membership, boost the number of classes and pool sessions available to the public, or your members. Losberger’s wide range of structures can be customized and built to your specifications, enclosing your swimming pool with fabric side walls, hard paneled side cladding, HVAC, and lighting will enable you to keep your pool open year-round.


The Losberger Maxiflex P1 is an A-Frame style structure which provides a clear span width of up to 160’ and can be built to any length. Losberger has enclosed swimming pools of all sizes, from small three-lane pools to full-size Olympic swimming pools, we have provided the knowledge, resources, and equipment necessary to enclose, heat, and light your pool.




Basketball Court Facilities:


Bring shade and cover to your game! Losberger US offers a wide range of products which will cover and protect your playing surface and players! Add interior lighting to brighten nighttime games or expand the usable hours to the public. Cover and protect your basketball court with a structure designed to withstand the elements. Designed and built to meet the stringent requirements set by the International Building Code’s latest edition Losberger structures can stand against a 125mph 3-second gust.


Outdoor basketball courts provided for the public fall to disuse strictly because of the weather; unlike other sports, basketball relies on good weather conditions for all those except the most die-hard players. Providing a covered space for local teams and family members to gather and play together helps bring an enhanced sense of community, bringing people together is what sports is truly about. A heated court enclosure allows play to continue throughout the winter months; whether hit by snow, wind, sleet, or rain, a covered basketball court stays open and available to everyone, year-round.