• Losberger two-slide hall with roller shutters used for industrial storage.
  • Losberger industrial hall with steel trapezoidal sheet as side cover.
  • Losberger two-slides hall used by Quehenberger for industrial storage.

Temporary Warehouses

Room for Profitable Growth!!

  • Losberger two-slide industrial storage hall.
  • HopfenveredelungStJohann.jpg
  • IndustriehalleHopfenveredelungvoninnen.jpg
  • AutohausKarsch1.jpg
  • WrthNeuburgnichtAlu.jpg
  • AFlughafen.jpg
  • AHafen.jpg
  • AirportsofParisRoissyCharlesDeGaulle-Prostockbuilding-Paris-FRANCE-De-Boer-Structures-32894.jpg
  • Amsterdam-PTAAmsterdam-2005-Amsterdam-De-Boer-Structures-20740.jpg

Whether you have to bridge a warehouse bottleneck occurring at short notice or you want to invest in additional building space for warehousing and logistics in the longer term, we have the right semi- permanent warehouse solution for you!


The possibilities for equipping the Losberger range of industrial halls extend from the simple, non-insulated industrial tent to the fully insulated, permanently deployed storage hall. Your new storage tent or industrial hall is supplied and erected within a just few days making it at your disposal for immediate use and allowing a jump start to your Return on Investment. If you decide on a semi-permanent variant, you may choose from a wide range of gates, doors, windows, etc. – exactly in accordance with your building needs.


Losberger storage halls and semi-permanent warehouse tents are also suitable for use as transfer or commissioning halls. They are flexibly extendable by means of adjoining structures, or can be moved to a different location at any time. 


Whether you need a temporary sales office, short term maintenance facility, semi-permanent warehouse or even a state-of-the-art semi-permanent structure as a workshop building for manufacturing or product assembly, look to Losberger for your semi permanent building or permanent structure need.