• Losberger hall built up for Geocell in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for Grüneissl in Germany.
  • Losberger hall built up for Paulick in Germany
  • Losberger two-slides hall used by Quehenberger for industrial storage.

Trade, Production and Light Manufacturing

An Economical Temporary Building Solution Becoming a Valuable Link in Your Supply Chain!!

  • Losberger Motor vehicle workshop from the inside.
  • KFZ-WerkstattinLagerhalle.jpg
  • KFZ-Werkstattvoninnen.jpg
  • RolltorinIndustriehalle.jpg

Specific demands are quite often the rule for semi-permanent production and light manufacturing halls. Apart from foundations for machines, a master craftsman’s office often has to be integrated. There could be e need for a crane runway, thermal insulation, lighting in accordance with OSHA labor guidelines, large access doors for receiving and shipping as well as many other requirements.


Losberger offers the right solution every time with its semi-permanent industrial halls. Collaborate with our experienced and knowledgeable Field Project Manager in your area and one of our many long-standing tent contracting partners to design, engineer and construct a cost efficient semi-permanent building to use as your production hall. Our semi-permanent buildings are used for numerous applications where temporary solutions for storage and light manufacturing or product assembly spaces are needed.


As a temporary structure that you may rent, lease or purchase, a pre-engineered Losberger clear span tent structure may be purposed as a semi-permanent warehouse of any size and it can be deployed with very short advance notice so lead time to get your operation up and running quickly and ROI started immediately. A clear span tent structure used as a portable temporary building may be made functional in the same way that a “bricks and mortar” permanent building is, but as a semi permanent structure, it can be relocated, removed or re-purposed easily and in a green way.


No landfills will become further choked up with the detritus from your demolished building after its usefulness is redundant. All materials in a Losberger temporary industrial building are recyclable since our temporary structures and semi-permanent warehouse structures are manufactured from aluminum, steel and fabric membranes that are all recyclable