• Losberger two-slide hall with roller shutters used for industrial storage.
  • Losberger industrial hall with steel trapezoidal sheet as side cover.
  • Losberger two-slides hall used by Quehenberger for industrial storage.

Warehouses & Logistics

Room for growth

  • Losberger Modular Systems hall; combination of office and garage.
  • Losberger Hall used in a logistic center as a storage hall.
  • Losberger two-slide industrial storage hall.
  • Losberger Hall used in a logistic center with a ramp for dumping and loading trucks.
  • Big Logistic hall from Losberger built up or Fiege in Germany.

No matter whether you have to bridge a warehouse bottleneck occurring at short notice or whether you want to invest in additional space capacity for warehouses and logistics for the longer term, we have the right solution for you!


The possibilities for equipping the Losberger range of tents and halls extend from the simple, non-insulated industrial tent to the fully insulated, permanently functional storage hall. Your new storage or industrial tent facility can be supplied, erected and fitted out within just a few days and therefore ready to use in a rapid timeframe. If you need a permanent facility, you have the choice to include a wide range of gates, doors, windows, etc. into your new building – exactly in accordance with your requirement and your taste!


Losberger storage halls and tents are also suitable, as transfer or commissioning halls. They are flexibly extendable by means of adjoining additional structures, or the facility can be moved to a different location at any time.