More than 5,000 m² additional storage area for FIEGE Logistics

  • Big Logistic hall from Losberger built up or Fiege in Germany.
  • Losberger Hall used in a logistic center as a storage hall.
  • Losberger 2-sided Temporary Warehouses built up for Fiege.

FIEGE, one of the strongest logistic companies in Europe had to face a choice: solid or lightweight construction? Two main criteria finally convinced FIEGE to invest in a lightweight building – swift implementation times plus flexibility for any future relocation of the building if needed.


After intensive negotiations, Losberger was asked to install two double-sided insulated steel halls with more than 5,000 m² of storage area at their branch in Bürstadt. As the installation had to be done during running business, the start of the project was moved to mid of November. Despite complicated weather conditions, two 40 m wide x 65 m long identical Steel System Halls were built in less than 10 weeks. To serve as a multifunctional storage hall for changing freights, both halls are equipped with 80 mm sandwich panels for roof and facade areas. Vital for the client was also the opportunity to anchor the complete building with pegs. This provides the best flexibility to move the halls to any different future location if needed and react quickly depending on various requirements.