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Proven sustainable

Certified to ISO 9001 und ISO 14001

We attach great importance to first-class quality, which we ensure by well-defined operations flow. Therefore we have come certified in the areas of design, production, assembly, sales and rentals under DIN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System).

We adjust our business management action and all business decisions made under the aspect of sustainability in order to make a contribution to protect the natural resources and the environment. This is attested to us by the certification according to DIN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).





Certified performance partner in the FAMAB

Sustainability is not a passing phase, therefore Losberger has been one of the first tested and certified performance partners in the FAMAB since 2011.


In a pilot project, FAMAB Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation e.V., together with the two established partners, CO2OL and Viabono, has developed branch standards for sustainable management in live communication. In accordance with that, on the basis of a list of criteria covering eleven fields, companies are investigated in depth in all matters of sustainable activity and, after passing the test, may use the above seal.


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Award-winning ECOfit enterprise
As an award-winning “ECOfit business”, efficient utilisation of natural resources is backed in our company. For this we have created structures for optimally dealing with energy and raw materials, and thus stand for sustainable management.


Since 2005, more than 100 companies and organisations have participated in ECOfit projects. All in all, some 8.8 million kWh of energy and 4.5 million kg of COhave been saved. With the “ECOfit” promotional programme of the state of Baden-Württemberg, companies are given awards for measures in company environmental protection which are not just aimed at observance of the relevant environmental regulations, but also demonstrably lead to cost savings.


You will find more information about the ECOfit programme here.

Certified specialised welding company

As a certified specialised welding company, we are qualified to carry out welding works for the manufacture of supporting aluminium and steel components both in Germany and in Europe.