multiflex P7

Its greatness is its span

  • Losberger multiflex P7 used as a conference room.
  • multiflex, Pagoda and other Losberger tents create a beautiful scenery.
  • Losberger multiflex P7 built up for a special Event.
Losberger multiflex Domizil is the circle version of out P7. Losberger multiflex P7 used as an exhibition hall

The multiflex P7 series of Clearspan tents offers the perfect solution for you. With side heights of 2.50 m or 3.00 m and a tried and tested truss-distance of 3 m, the P7 modular system is available in the sizes 6, 9, 12 and 15 m.  The Clearspan design offers a free, unobstructed room view from inside the tent with no center poles or support columns inside the tent.


System cassette wall elements of hard-PVC or glass are available with a side height of 2.50 m or 3.00 m. The spindle-fix roof tensioning system stops the valance flapping in the wind and offers additional rain protection in the eave area.  


Highly efficient: Materials such as purlins, side curtains or system flooring can be used in the P7 system. This makes the multiflex P7 the ideal solution for tent sizes 6 m to 15 m. 


Model variants for flexibility and variety

Discover the different models, variants and accessories of the multiflex P7 and find the right solution for your needs. Or begin to design your space straight away with our Space Planner Tool.




All system components and accessories are standard stock parts for fast availability.  The interchangeable tent components within the system enable various configurations, different widths and extensions without expensive special solutions. Easy to transport, assemble and dismantle, store and clean. Assembly with and without system cassette flooring possible.




Textile covers made of polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides. Translucent roof covers for daylight conditions inside the tent. Opaque covers for black-out conditions. Secure fixing by using spindle-fix roof tensioning system. For side and gable curtains, quality zippers: Side curtains with windows in several attractive designs. System cassette wall elements of hard-PVC or glass.




Trusses of extruded 4-groove aluminum hollow profiles. Curtain tubes, eave purlins and gable wall beams made of aluminum.  Integrated curtain groove in eave purlins and gable wall beams. Frame for system cassette wall elements of hard-PVC or glass. All aluminum components are technically anodized.  All cables are PVC-coated, preventing blackening stains on contact with the covers. Completely maintenance-free frame. Structural lengths in 3 m increments.



multiflex P7 Basis

multiflex P7 Dome area

multiflex P7 Domizil

multiflex P7 Apsis

multiflex P7 Pavilion

multiflex P7 Pavilion Arcum

Walkway Basic P7

Walkway Arcum P7