Sports events and venues

Tent construction for sports events

  • Losberger maxiflex Emporium with a balcony built up as a VIP tent at a soccer match.
  • Losberger Maxiflex Emporium built up for a soccer match in Germany.
  • Losberger uniflex with curtains built up at International Water Games.

PGA Tour events, MLB games and playoffs, March Madness playoff games and the Super Bowl, Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, World Canoeing Championship, NASCAR events, NCAA football games and playoffs… Losberger tent constructions , temporary pavilions and structures are in key players and in visible attendance at nearly every major sports events in the world. That’s because our tent solutions are so varied, creative and functional. Losberger also provides semi-permanent and permanent venue space solutions for clubs that might need an additional temperature/humidity controlled, building to house basketball or tennis courts, golf practice ranges, football practise areas and ice hockey arenas. These are all included and available as part of Losberger’s range of products.