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New 60m P10 profile

03/02/2015, Losberger US

The biggest golf party in the world at a new Losberger location


Greatest show on grass

As one of the leading US Golf Destinations, every year Scottsdale hosts various PGA tournaments in Arizona desert (USA). Among them is the best-attended golf event of the year, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, attracting more than 500,000 spectators. This tournament is not like any other, it’s the wildest golf event attracting the most fans and creating the best atmosphere of the season. The hype around the Phoenix Open event increases more and more every year and this year, from 29 January to 1 February, turned the town into a real party metropolis like the golf world has never seen before thanks to Losberger US partnership with PRO EM rooted in Scottsdale, AZ.

Once the last balls hit the hole on the tournament evenings, the huge party continued, or more so had only just begun. More than 20,000 fans flocked to the "après-golf" party hosted by the Stadium Course of TPC Scottsdale at Birds Nest, an enormous 60m wide Losberger structure was erected just across from the tournament grounds. There were GoGo dancers, bands and DJs making their impressions on the concert stage and every night, what started during the day as the "greatest show on grass", reached its peak here. Birds Nest can be better compared to one of the finest concert halls in the country rather than to a golf tournament venue. For one week, PRO EM’s client event was transformed into the hottest party club in Scottsdale. Since then, it has already become a party legend! This is because the organizers of the greatest golf spectacle decided to expand the Birds Nest area to accommodate the fan community as well.

The result was one of the largest, column-free tent structures in the world. The newly developed Losberger P10 profile was the foundation for a tent hall with a span of 60 meters x 75 meters in length and an incredible 5.4m leg height for a grand total of 4,500 m². "With the proven P1 profile, modular large tents have been erected with a span of up to 50 meters for the past 25 years" says Matthias Raff, CEO of Losberger, "this new structure opens up many new possibilities." As in previous years, the final day of the tournament fell on "Super Bowl Sunday" and once again created a lively atmosphere for sports fans.

The tent components needed to build one of the largest column-free tent structures in the world arrived in Scottsdale on 12/26/2014 on 4 semi-trailers. The construction began right at the start of the New Year.

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