Wall elements

Setting specific visual accents

  • Losberger system wall and glass elements as horizontal side cover.
  • Horizonal and vertical Losberger Glass elements.
  • Inside view of a small Losberger tent with horizontal glass elements.
  • Vertical Losberger glass elements as side cover.
  • Outside view of a Losberger tent with system wall side cover.

Set specific accents for your event with the many options of Losberger accessories elements for wall and facade design.

System cassette wall elements of hard-PVC

For solid walls, especially in conjunction with a floor, Losberger hard PVC panels are an ideal solution. These are installed instead of the standard PVC side curtains.

Glass elements

Our high quality horizontal and vertical glass elements ensure a more detailed view. They provide you with natural daylight and the insights and views that you want to have. Furthermore, they increase the aesthetic appearance of the tent building.

Textile side curtains

Our textile side curtains are made from robust PVC, insensitive to dirt and available with windows in several attractive designs.