Flooring system

Tailor-made, durable, economical and beautiful

  • Losberger cassette flooring colored grey.
  • Losberger cassette flooring colored in wood look.
  • Inside view of a small Losberger tent with accessories.
  • Losberger Rondo with grey cassette flooring.
  • Small Losberger tent with wooden floor and furniture.

The well-engineered Losberger flooring system has been developed to meet the high demands required by today’s tent flooring.


The excellent fit of the individual flooring elements means that it is easy to install, and creates a good visual impression even without floor carpeting. When tent anchoring is required, our flooring system with integrated steel weight plates provides the perfect solution: After the installation of all floor cassettes you simply hand-position the practical metal rods in the required bays and create the necessary weight. With this technology the utilisation of ground anchors is no longer required.