Polygonal CTS

Seasonal soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, and baseball training facilities

  • Losberger Polygonal connected with a Pagoda for the 40th anniversary of a sporting event in France.
  • Inside view of a Losberger Polygonal for a fashion show.
  • Outside view of a Losberger Polygonal.
Losberger Polygonal as a partytent. Losberger Polygonal with glass elements as side cover.

The Polygonal structure is the alternative to the structures of traditional saddle roof form. It offers a more important volume and brings an additional key of originality. Polygonal is especially used as training facilities for soccer, tennis, handball, volleyball, ice-hockey or basketball. The structure is flexible and mobile. It is possible to remove (in terms of temporary sports solution) or add spans to adapt the structure to your needs.


Polygonale CTS Basis