A new kind of space feeling

  • Inside view of 4-slides Losberger Cyclones.
  • Outside view of 4-slides Losberger Cyclones.
  • Losberger Cyclones built up for BASF in an unusual order.
  • Losberger Cyclone built up in a shopping mall for advertisement.
  • Losberger Cyclone with special curtains.

Cyclone. The name stands for a new type of modular tent system from Losberger. With its forward-looking design and highest quality materials used in manufacture Cyclone tents  offer a fresh and intriguing new approach to exhibitors and users of traveling marketing suites at events.

The Losberger Cyclone has been provided with a flat roof that slopes down into one corner for rain water runoff. This architecturally demanding building shape, its straight lines, its large areas of glass and its basic cubic shape are the Cyclone’s striking distinguishing features, giving it a brand new sense of space inside as well as out. Cyclones can be beautifully embellished with flooring, system doors, tempered safety glass or white PVC facades and they can be combined in an un-ending array of 5m X 5m module connections to create unique layouts and space offerings of any size or shape.


Decide on the Losberger Cyclone and give elegance and originality to your event.


Model variants for flexibility and variety

Combine your individual basic 5m wide X 5m long Cyclone element with other 5m X 5m Cyclone elements and have individual tent landscapes created in accordance with your ideas. Or begin to design your space right now with our Space Planner Tool.