An exciting tent design

  • Two Losberger Volcans with curtains, one open and one closed.
  • Losberger Volcan built up as a stall.
  • Losberger Volcans used as stalls and exhibition halls.
  • Losberger Volcans for VIPs at a golf tournament.
  • Losberger Volcans with glass elements as side cover.
  • Losberger Volcan with special curtains.

Volcan:– A wonderfully different design approach for the customer who demands unique and aesthetically appealing small tent solutions.

Interesting side wall curtain options and custom graphics capabilities are available. And modular drop-in raised flooring with tempered safety glass wall options will create a presentation that is absolutely sure to WOW your clientele.


The Volcan tent steals its design from the look of a volcano. A clear elliptical skylight in the high-peaked, curved roof covering lets in daylight or a view of the night sky.