• Losberger Palas built up for a product presentation in Bad Rappenau.
  • Losberger two-storey revoflex with Losberger Logo built up at the InterTent.
  • Losberger maxiflex with an Arcum roof, a small Pagoda and a walkway. Held at the Losberger InterTent in Bad Rappenau, Germany.

Two Story and Double-Decker Tents

Ultimate flexibility with a large spectrum of applications

  • Losberger Palas as a mobile location for Gregory Charles’ Vintage with which he travels around the world.

Losberger’s Two Story tent structures represent the height of excellence in German tent design, engineering, and manufacturing of clear span structures.
Two Story tents, or “Double-Decker Tents” can be erected in widths of 10m wide (32’) to 30m wide (100’) with lengths of 20m (66’) and longer by adding any number of 5m long tent prolongations. All Two Story tents are engineered to meet or exceed the wind resistance requirements of the current US Building Code. 


Access to the upper mezzanine levels of double-decker tents is provided by incorporating masterfully crafted stair wells made from anodized aluminum framing. Stairs include railings and grab rails as well as all modifications needed to meet ADA requirements.


In the design of maxiflex Emporium, revoflex Emporium and Palas Two Story tent structures, side cladding on both levels of the two-story tent structure may be ordered with either horizontally or vertically oriented cladding panels that are made out of safety glass, insulating thermo sandwich panel cassettes or attractive PVC hard wall cassettes, all acting as safe and secure closures. 


Door systems for both Emporium and Palas 2 story structures complement the overall functionality and beauty of Losberger’s double decker tents. Either double wing or single personnel and service door sets are installed with side and overhead transom cladding panels to close in the side openings and create a seamless entry into the structure on both the upper mezzanine level and the ground floors.