A New Dimension of cubic design for temporary structures

  • Losberger Palas as a mobile location for Gregory Charles’ Vintage with which he travels around the world.
  • Inside view of the Losberger Palas for Gregory Charles’ Vintage show.
  • Losberger Palas built up the Losberger InterTent in Bad Rappenau, Germany.
  • Inside view of a Losberger Palas with glass elements as side cover.
  • Losberger Double–Decker Palas in Tirol with glass elements and system wall.

The Losberger Palas structure takes elevations and double-decker, 2-story tent design to an even higher level, using 8m high (26’) side heights. Offering overhead space of almost 4m on both the ground floor and on the mezzanine level, Palas 2 story tent structures also feature lower roof slope design allowing the use of 2.5m high (8’) vertical roof parapet signage panels that can wrap the structure at the top of the sides to create the cubic look of a 2 story building. Palas creates excellent opportunities for commercial messaging, corporate branding and eye-popping graphics to attract attention and invite passers-by to come in. 


Palas is the most recent and innovative product from the Losberger large tent series. With cubic-style tent architecture, 8m side height and the possibility of using horizontally and vertically oriented cassette wall elements, this large double-decker tent allows a new dimension of space design. 
The basic tent shape of the Losberger Palas is a gable roof with a low roof slope of just 7 degrees with a surrounding 2.5m (8’) high roof parapet that affords the Palas to present as a total marketing suite and eye-catching advertising medium


Palas Basic