• Losberger Metal Frame Structures used as a hospital with room divisions.
  • Losberger RDS tent used as a hospital and for the intensive care unit.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structures are also suitable for regions with lots of snow.
  • Losberger Metal Frame structures used as accommodation.

Dome shelters

Discreet protection for radar and missile launch system

  • Losberger dome shelters for cars.
  • Losberger dome shelters as protection against sand.
  • Losberger dome shelter metal structure.
  • Losberger dome shelter for a satellite half open.
  • Losberger dome shelter for a satellite closed from the inside.
  • Losberger dome shelter for a satellite closed from the outside.

The domes are primarily dedicated to the protection of sensitive military equipment such as radar, missile launchers, surveillance vehicles, and helicopters. The domes design allows them to be completely open for use in less than 20 seconds with an electric opening system. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and the cover of 32 oz/sqyd PVC coated polyester fabric, this helps ensure a life-span of 20+ years

These shelters can be deployed in remote areas, operational in the most extreme weather: 127 mph windload and 23 lbs/sqyd snowload. Because of their weather tight seal, they also can be used as humidity controlled enclosures (HCE) to protect the equipment against corrosion.

Combined with an active thermal camouflage

To hide your sensitive equipment from prying eyes, the domes can be equipped with an active camouflage that provides from detection from near-infrared night vision devices. The domes are available in different colors adapted to       any type of environments (desert, arctic, forest…).