• Losberger Metal Frame Structure used by the army for airports.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structures as hangars for helicopters.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structure as hangars or for storage.

Large-span aircraft hangars

Strong and modular, a shelter to accommodate all types of aircrafts

  • Losberger Aircraft hangars for Zeppelins.
  • Losberger large span aircraft hangar green colored.
  • Losberger large span aircraft hangar from the inside.
  • Losberger large span aircraft hangar with a roller shutter.
  • Losberger large span aircraft hangar inside view.

Based on the same technology applied to the P-Series modular shelter, Losberger large-span aircraft hangars offer equal or superior performances to hangars made of concrete, while adding the economic advantage of tension fabric structures. These hangars are primarily used for the storage of medium/large civilian or military aircraft (type C-130 Hercules, C-17 Globemaster, C-27J Spartan, B737/A320…), maintenance facilities, or as general purpose hangars.


The large-span aircraft hangars are designed to be extremely durable with a lifespan in excess of 25 years. With frames constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel tubing and covers made of high strength pre-stressed, flame retardant PVC coated polyester fabric; these structures are built to last. These hangars, with spans ranging from 92’ (28 meters) to 278’ (85 meters) are rated and tested to handle the most extreme wind and snow loads.

Protection against corrosion and air salinity

The large-span hangars are completely sealed off from rain, dust, and moisture, providing for a temperature and humidity controlled environment allowing. As a result, this greatly reduces the effect of corrosion on aircraft or other equipment stored within the shelter.