• Losberger Metal Frame Structures used as a hospital with room divisions.
  • Losberger RDS tent used as a hospital and for the intensive care unit.
  • Losberger Metal Frame structures used as accommodation.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structure used by the army for airports.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structures as hangars for helicopters.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structure as hangars or for storage.

P-Series modular shelters

The most reliable military shelter in the world

  • Losberger Modular Shelters built up in a region with lots of snow.
  • Different types of Losberger hangars used by the army.
  • Losberger Modular Shelter with an open front in light orange.
  • Losberger Modular Shelter as an aircraft hangar with two sides open.
  • Losberger Metal frame Structures as hangars for helicopters.
  • Losberger Modular Shelter used for storage.

The Losberger P-Series modular shelter is primarily used for humidity controlled storage, maintenance facilities or as general purpose hangars. The P-Series shelter can be installed permanently by anchoring it to a flat platform or semi-permanently by positioning it on concrete or water ballasts that weigh down the shelter.


The P-Series shelter is considered one of the strongest military shelters on the market; over the past 4 decades it has been deployed all over the world, on most every terrain, and in just about every weather situation, even the most extreme. The shelter has a wind resistance of up to 125 mph and a snow load rating of 23 lbs/sqft. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and the cover of 32 oz/sqyd, flame retardant PVC coated polyester fabric, ensuring a life-span of 20+ years.

Re-locatable equipment, no MILCON requirements

The P-Series shelters can be deployed and disassembled in less than a week with a team of 5 trained technicians. Moreover to preserve their expeditionary characters, all the parts of the shelters have been designed to be transported in ISO 20’ containers or packed on aircraft pallets. In addition, Losberger through its mobile technical teams offers worldwide service and support.