• Losberger RDS tent used as a hospital and for the intensive care unit.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structures are also suitable for regions with lots of snow.
  • Losberger Metal Frame structures used as accommodation.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structure used by the army for airports.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structures as hangars for helicopters.
  • Losberger Metal Frame Structure as hangars or for storage.

Tension fabric structures

The perfect alternative to permanent buildings

  • Losberger Tension Fabric Structure during its installation.
  • Losberger Tension Fabric Structure used as sleeping room for people without home due to an ecological disaster or war.
  • Backside of Losberger Tension Fabric Structures with connection for a conditions and similar.
  • Losberger Tension Fabric Structure used for housing.
  • Four identical Losberger temporary warehouses as accommodation.

The Losberger tension fabric structures are a very cost effective alternative to replacing more costly foundation anchored permanent buildings. The use of modular aluminum construction with PVC coated polyester fabric tops gives the structures unparalleled flexibility for functionality and space requirements.


The tension fabric structures have been designed to ensure low energy consumption. They can be equipped with solar power kits and double layer insulation to minimize their environmental impact. The list of some of the included equipment: anti-intrusion external cladding, rigid access doors, drop ceilings, insulated windows and liners, HVAC & ventilation systems, rigid flooring panels, and electrical installation.

Flexibility and Design Options

Discover all the available size and design options with the tension fabric structures. Energy efficient and cost sensitive to meet any required needs.