Solutions from Losberger

  • Losberger Tent used as a big concert.
  • Losberger tent used as a hospital.
  • Losberger tent used as an industrial storage tent.
  • Trucks transport our Losberger tents from A to B, anywhere in the world.
  • Losberger tents used for indoor sport events.
  • Losberger is environmental friendly.

Let's look at it this way... renting a tent is one possibility. But there may be other viable cost efficient options for you when it comes to procuring portable, temporary space. Simply tell us your challenge, your vision, your requirement or your problem and who knows what kind of solution we can offer you?


Take it from us, we have so much experience in everything you can do with clear span tents that we might well be able offer you a surprising solution, especially suited to meet your requirements – we can even deliver  it complete and ready to use. You may find that a Losberger solution turns out to be surprisingly affordable.