We love challenges

Losberger tent used as a hospital.

It doesn’t matter whether the site location for your needed temporary facilities space is in the middle of the desert or in the middle of Downtown, USA. No matter if there is plenty of planning time or no time to spare. It’s not a problem whether you need a tent, an industrial hall, a sports facility or an entertainment and party venue: it’s all the same to us…..TOP PRIORITY.

We approach everything with oversight and an open mind so that your requirements are met with exactly the right product and service for your situation: reliably and on time. We seldom say. “No” and that only happens when there really is no viable way to meet the demands of the project. If we do have decline participation, we let you know as quickly as we can, and whenever possible we’ll provide you with an alternate solution proposal that can be implemented reliably. Try us out: we love challenges.

We check the on-site specifications and find you the best, most reliable solutions for constructing your Losberger tent or temporary facility. We  gladly work using ground site surveys or even individual structural solutions.

We are used to dealing with our customers’ sudden shortages and issues whether they have to do with temporary replacement of facilities that are being renovated, warehousing; interrupted manufacturing or production; spikes in passenger or freight volumes; major international events; fire damage; or emergency living space for students or emergency responders for example

The Losberger Group's multi-faceted approach toward providing temporary space solutions means a quick solution is almost always possible. Depending on your requirements, we have on hand a range of facilities and equipment that make you forget you're using an "interim solution". Such "interim solutions" can often be used for many more years, depending on their implementation, in instances when this is a requirement or is planned from the outset.