Quality & Reliability

Duty first, freestyle second

Losberger tent used as an industrial storage tent.

Commitment to quality and reliability are closely linked to one another at Losberger. They ensure that you can rely on us for our world-renowned tent technology, our ability and drive toward successful implementation, the guaranteed product quality that truly sets Losberger apart from all other tent companies, dependable and authoritative consultation and finally, you can expect us to come up with a great solution to meet your requirement.

We have particularly strict guidelines for ourselves, for our suppliers and service partners because we are committed to delivering these high standards of excellence to our customers. That's why not every company that deals with Losberger qualifies as a trusted Losberger supplier. The ones that do qualify are among the best. Naturally, this obligation to be the best with us comes at a price, because  guaranteed quality and reliability demands an above average level of care and professional expertise. That's what you can expect from us.


Rely on us:


  • on our materials
  • on the product development, design and engineering
  • on the manufacturing
  • on the consultation
  • on the logistics
  • on the project completion
  • on the project organisation
  • on the selection of the best service partners


To make this a reality, our employees and service partners always hold the latest qualifications in their specialist areas. Not only is our collection of certifications and longevity of employment by our dedicated employees proof of this, but so are the testimonials from satisfied customers.


That's why, for example, we are:

  • a certified service partner of  FAMAB (Association for Direct Business Communications),
  • known for our efficient use of natural resources,
  • a certified member of "My Green Meeting" and
  • of course, holders of  extended welding permits for steel and aluminium.

During the production of our tents and halls we follow, without exception, strict German regulatory guidelines and thereby guarantee a high level of reliability worldwide