Our Services

We build concepts

Trucks transport our Losberger tents from A to B, anywhere in the world.

We try to plan ahead in order to make your life easier. No matter whether you're renting, leasing or buying and no difference whether it's an event tent, pavilion, sports hall, storage tent, rapidly deployable space  for use in emergencies, catastrophes or by the military, or whether you need complete, ready to use solutions for a hospital, school, kindergarten, club house, residence for students, etc.

We can work knowledgably with you as you develop ideas concerning your temporary facilities space. For example:


  1. On-site consultation and site plan development
  2. Organisation of service providers for decoration, heating and air conditioning, lighting, etc.
  3. Tent security
  4. Emergency maintenance service – weekends as well
  5. Spatial planning
  6. Pre-construction plans
  7. Facilities planning
  8. Planning and organisation of foundation work
  9. Maintenance for industrial halls and any of Losberger’s tents

We can offer project planning ideas and consultation for every service. Behind each one of our project analysts is a competent, experienced team player that has relevant expertise in each area of application. These Losberger field specialists  have just one thing in mind: You,  the customer and  a first-class solution to meet your requirements.

A Losberger team pro will always be there for you, even after your purchase, lease or rent our products and services too.