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How we help you realise the unique facilities construction project that’s on your mind?

Losberger tents used for indoor sport events.

You have to have ideas. So, in the colder months of the year we turn open-air pools into indoor pools and outdoor training areas become indoor playing fields.

Temporary construction provides solutions today that nobody could have imagined a few years ago.

In addition to tents designed for events, Losberger’s  temporary tent structures have become highly valued facilities spaces and have become a financially viable alternative to conventional space solutions in many cases. Losberger’s modular and expansive tent and structure systems are also permanently usable when appropriately implemented – just like conventionally constructed buildings.

In surface mining, giant transport vehicles can be maintained on-site out of the wind and rain in mobile mega-structures made by Losberger. These are particularly cost efficient to construct. Also consider the advantages of using Losberger’s portable structures as – airplane hangars, crew accommodation, emergency responder billeting and field hospitals, production / manufacturing facilities or warehouses.

Maybe you already have another it by us. We might surprise you with a previously unconsidered solution that directly hits the mark.