Build temporarily, think sustainably

Losberger is environmental friendly.

The obligation to operate in a way that is sustainable for our environment and resources has become an increasingly important and unavoidable component of any economic activity. This also applies for events and every investment in infrastructure and buildings.


Our temporary, completely recyclable and multi-purpose designs offer unbeatable sustainability advantages. The used space is returned to its original state when our temporary space solutions are dismantled, dependent upon the construction solution. Costly demolition works and restoration measures are unnecessary in the majority of cases. Space consumption and soil surface sealing is avoided.

Example: At the 2010 Olympic Games in China, around 1,200,000 square feet of temporary tent construction was supplied by Losberger for numerous purposes. There was absolutely no soil sealing since all structures were dismantled and removed after the Games and the spaces were once again made available for other uses. There was no requirement to renovate these facilities as building seven for such a major event – thus avoiding those associated problems after the event.

Even when implemented for use by industrial customers for needs such as warehousing or as a manufacturing or production facility, as a trade fair hall or temporary extension for an airplane terminal, the temporary solutions are sensible and flexible capacity extensions with no negative effects when measured against ecological criteria.